[Es] [En] Tesalonica/Grecia: Visita a Vio.Me bajo control obrero ((fotos))/Thessaloniki/Greece: Visit to the Vio.Me factory under workers’ control ((photos))


Llegando a la fábrica Vio.Me bajo control obrero en Tesalonica. En la puerta se puede ver el afiche invitando a la charla que daría por la tarde Raúl Godoy junto a un trabajador de Vio.Me.//Arriving at the Vio.Me plant in Thessaloniki. At the entrance to the factory, a poster advertising the public meeting to be held that afternoon, at which Raúl Godoy and a Vio.Me worker will be speaking

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France: Raúl Godoy with the workers in struggle at PSA (Peugeot) Aulnay


Zanon leader on European tour

Raúl Godoy, one of the leaders of the Zanon ceramic factory under workers’ control in Argentina, is currently visiting several European countries. Godoy, who is also an elected member of the provincial parliament in Neuquén for the Workers’ Left Front and a former general secretary of the provincial Ceramic Workers’ Union, is speaking at a series of workers’ meetings.

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Raúl Godoy’s European Tour

arton6354Zanon: A factory without bosses

A Workers’ response against closures and massive unemployment

Raúl Godoy is a Zanon worker, a leading member of the PTS and Provincial Deputy in Neuquén from the Workers’ Left Front (FIT) in Neuquén, Argentina. The FIT is composed by three Trotskyist parties, the Lista Marrón (a ceramist workers’ trade union list) and the Ceramist Workers and Employees’ trade union (SOECN) from Neuquén. Sigue leyendo